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Hye Ararat

Use cases with untrusted access

Ararat is stable, and we believe it to be suitible for production. Regardless, we are still developing basic functionality into this product, so we advise that production use not take place for individuals looking to allow untrusted access to their Ararat installation (especially hosting companies). We will update this notice when we deem it suitible for such use cases.

Ararat is the next-generation container/virtual machine control panel. It is your one-stop shop for single application container, full system containers, and KVM instances.

Ararat is built on top of the incredible LXD platform, making it compatible with the same pre-made images available for a wide number of Linux distrubutions that LXD is.

Ararat also includes an incredibly powerful but simple REST API.

If you want to check out Hye Ararat yourself, check out the getting started guide.